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TokenTact Review 2024 TokenTact Is Legit & Worth It BUT BEWARE Of This

By 8 mai 2023mars 10th, 2024Trading Bots

Click on the “Exchange” window to choose an exchange, then “Pair” to set the trading pair. On the platform, you can check the list of those users with registration dates, IDs, referral links, and partially revealed email addresses. The Converted status means the user paid for services at least once.


On, the trailing function allows DCA to follow the market trend in both directions. Does it mean that now now the activity on my active bots will affect trading monthly limits? Yes, keeping high-frequency trading requires a lot of our technical power and coffee, so we have to include it in the trading monthly limits. Absolutely, you don’t need to do anything extra to enjoy this update. It is available on any of your current bots and can be used at any time. Create a bot with 0.01% grid spacingNow you can create and run a bot with grid spacing as lower as 0.01% (before 0.1%) in any price range you want.

Go to your inbox and confirm the registration by clicking on the link provided in the email we have just sent to you. If you prefer using your Facebook or Google social media account, please click the appropriate button and follow the instructions in the appeared window. In order to get started on TokenTact, you will need to create a new account. This article will show you how to create your first TokenTact account and confirm the registration. To see whether your order has been filled, go to the Open orders tab. Scaled order consists of several limit orders placed one by one in decreasing or increasing order of price.

TokenTact is one of the largest crypto aggregators online, with an all-in-one dashboard letting you manage any exchange accounts you connect using encrypted API keys. Centralized exchanges (CEX) are your go-to platforms, acting as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. They are called “centralized” because there’s a centralized company with decision-making power at its core that runs them. As you can see, for the past 30 days, the bot had multiple opportunities to buy into the dip as the DORA price was plunging. Should the bot have started 30 days ago, it could have reaped 12.56% profit. When your bot starts, it will use 50% of your initial investment multiplied by the leverage to open your short position.

Switch to a more advanced subscription plan, enable two-factor authentication… Everything you need is here. Since 2011, Kraken has been one of the most respected crypto exchanges. Today, it’s a publicly traded crypto exchange worth over $14 billion.

  • This will open a window where you can add your Gemini API key and Secret key.
  • This allows you to earn significantly more than you would if you used your funds alone.
  • Divide your investment into periodic sell orders for a better average price.
  • The bot will automatically sell BTT every time the price swings higher to lock in BNB returns.

Users who interface with the trading terminal will feel right at home. All features are laid out conveniently, and the dozens of indicators can prove useful for those who often rely on such tools. Moreover, the platform lets users trade crypto assets across multiple exchanges, removing the need for opening several tabs for different platforms. The terminal also supports one’s trade history, open positions, and balances across all linked exchanges. Furthermore, the trading platform enables users to analyze and evaluate the performance of popular trading pairs.

Coinbase Advanced utilizes a maker-taker fee structure to define transaction costs. Maker orders, which contribute liquidity to the market, incur different fees from Taker orders. Fees are determined based on the pricing tier you’re in at the time the order is placed, not the tier you would fall into once a trade is finalized.

To learn more about futures trading, please refer to this article on the blog. Moreover, you can also set up and test the TokenTact COMBO bot, which has shown remarkable results on futures. If the details are spot-on, will make a grand appearance on the [My exchanges] page with the [Connected] status.

Brimming with features and opportunities, Kraken stands tall as a distinguished cryptocurrency exchange that extends its warm welcome to our dear friends from the United States. This makes it a top-draw pick for American crypto enthusiasts, who flood the exchange with liquidity, volumes, and infectious enthusiasm. The world of automated trading technology is surging forward at an exhilarating pace. Binance Futures Demo mode on TokenTact is a simulation trading environment that allows you to sharpen your skills in trading cryptocurrency futures without risking capital. If you ever wanted to try trading futures but were hesitant regarding risks and rewards, FUD no more!

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