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Wedding and reception scheduling Timeline

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Planning a wedding is a big undertaking, and the seemingly never ending checklist of to-dos can quickly feel overpowering. But it doesn’t have to be—especially if you stick to structured schedule that allows you to prioritize tasks and stay on track. All of us asked top planners to share all their wedding-planning duration bound timelines with us, to get the most out of your planning experience.

Defining your wedding eyesight is the first step in setting up a clear arrange for getting your dream to life. Tessa Lyn Brand, president of wedding planning agency Tessa Lyn Occasions, says doze to 14 months is the ideal engagement length to get a wedding, when yours is shorter, make an effort to condense all the items that fall in months two through six in the first month.

Travel and book your venue, if you haven’t previously. Venues sometimes fill up in least a year before hand, hence booking previously can make sure your time frame can be bought.

Buy or order every one of the wedding products you need, which include toasting flutes, cake servers, and unity candle lights. Shop for getting-ready outfits (dresses, tuxes) for your self along with your bridal party, if possible. Shop for gift ideas (optional) for your attendants and yourself.

Send your last RSVP list to the caterer, and make sure all of the guest-related vendors have the final depend. Write the toasts to get the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception (and practice them if you want). Assemble accept bags when you are providing these to out-of-town guests, if necessary. Have the last gown or suit fitting, and order all the shoes and accessories you need to complete the ensemble.

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